Friday 12 August 2022
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Israeli Early Cinema

In memory of Jospeh Halachmi (1933-2019), Founder & Film historian

This Hanukah, the 9th of December 2007, will mark the 90th anniversary of the surrender of Jerusalem and its occupation by Allied Armies under the command of British General Allenby.

This success was one of the turning points of the First World War. The victory in Palestine changed the face of the Middle East, set in motion historical processes, and awakened dilemmas with which we are dealing until this very day.

Jerusalem, which 'till then was a small city at the edge of the Ottoman Empire, changed in a short time to the bustling center of British Occupation Rule, the world center of Zionist activity, and the place where Arab and Palestinian nationalism was being formed.  These processes did much to awaken and focus areas of conflict.

In the beginning, the British supported national Zionist aspirations, while respecting the demands of the local population. They tried to be the bridge between Jews and Arabs, but got caught up in conflicts of clashing interests, and after only 30 years of power had to withdraw and give up the Holy City.

The film, 'Till We Have Built Jerusalem, presents the story of the birth of the new Jerusalem, an ancient oriental city which was developing and quickly embracing the West and modern times.

The story is told by eight historians representing the British, Zionist and Palestinian points of view, interspersed with rare archival films shot during the Mandate period by photographers of the British army, Israeli film makers, and international news photographers of the time.

Watching this film enriches our knowledge of those days leading up to the establishment of the State of Israel and deepens our understanding of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with its current international repercussions.

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