Wednesday 18 September 2019
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Israeli Early Cinema


קורות חיים של יוצרים והעושים במלאכת הקולנוע הישראלי, הארץ ישראלי והעולמי - בכלל זה בימאים, מפיקים, צלמים, שחקנים, אנשי עסקים ופעילי ציבור שתרמו לעשייה הקולנועית בישראל ובעולם.

מערכת אתר בית הסרט העברי, תשמח לקבל הפניות והמלצות לפרסום.

Antti Alanen

Antti AlanenAntti Alanen (born 1955) is a film programmer at the Helsinki cinematheque (National Audiovisual Institute / Finland) and historian. He has been the programmer at the Helsinki cinematheque since 1985, programming for Cinema Orion. In 2019 the cinematheque is moving to Kino Regina at the new Central Library.

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Joseph Halachmi

Joseph Halachmi a retired film & tv director - producer and now a world renowed film & cinema hostorian with an Israeli Early Cinema speciality.

Halachmi is the son of early israely film director Chaim Halachmi & acctress Dvora Halachmi.

Film & TV Director-Producer
Israeli Film Historian & Researcher
Israeli Educational Television (Retired)

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Haim Halachmi

Haim Halachmi is considered first film director in the Yishuv (pre Israel Jewish community in Palestine).

haim halachmmiHalachmi was also a film producer, theater actor & owner of film production companies. Between his films are the first ever Israeli plotted full-length drama movie filmed in Israel "Oded Hanoded", produced & filmed on 1932 and the "Va'Yehi Be'May" Comedy, also from 1932 (Both film, silent films).

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Vittorio Martinelli - Film historian (1926-2008)

Martinelli VitorioIn loving memory of Vittorio Martinelli.

On the night between April 7 and 8 Vittorio Martinelli passed away in Bologna. His death leaves a huge void among all those who knew him as both a brilliant man and historian.

His unconventional way of looking at cinema and his ability to discover archive rarities, his astounding knowledge of the Seventh Art made him a world-wide famous and acclaimed historian.

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